[BioC] Re: writing exprSet to a flat file

A.J. Rossini rossini@u.washington.edu
03 Apr 2002 06:24:10 -0800

>>>>> "robert" == Robert Gentleman <rgentlem@jimmy.harvard.edu> writes:

    robert>    seems like enough for a start.
    robert>    If you know of particular formats for different packages, such as
    robert>    genespring then writing specialized, named functions for those
    robert>    would be a good thing

Genespring was one that came to mind to me, as well (the GPR file
format).  I think we've got a GPR reader as part of the semi-aborted
work at the Hutch, I'll have to check, which would be useful (come to
think of it, I ought to have us write that one, perhaps).  

MAGEML also comes to mind, especially for exporting to Rosetta.  

I'm not sure what Research Genetic's Pathways uses for a format, I'll
have to check.


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