[BioC] peer review process for bioconductor packages

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc@channing.harvard.edu
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 19:53:51 -0500 (EST)

Persons interested in peer review of Bioconductor
packages please send me an e-mail with content

PACKAGE  [package id]
REVIEWER [your name and email address]

then contact the maintainer of the package you are
interested in (retrieve email address from the associated

Peer review must be completed April 20.  If there
are not enough volunteers, core members will be
assigned peer review tasks.


Peer review process for Bioconductor R packages

Release date is April 29, 2002.  Upcoming events
   April 8: feature freeze
   April 15: code freeze
   April 29: release

Here is a list of packages distributed at bioconductor.org

The peer review process should consist of
  a) reviewer identifies self and contacts maintainer
to determine condition of code around april 15, and
also contacts me to update this reviewer database
  b) reviewer obtains code and doc and verifies claims
and performance
  c) reviewer indicates necessary changes and wishes
  d) maintainer responds in writing to review carboning
me for archiving of software evaluation

Package       Maintainer     Version     Peer reviewer
-------       ----------     -------     -------------
Biobase       RG, VC         0.5-2
annotate      RG             0.5
affy          RI             0.8.0
AnnBuilder    JZ             0.5
bin2d         RG             0.5
edd           VC             0.5-2
genecluster   RG             0.1
genefilter    RG             0.5-2
geneplotter   JG             0.1
rhdf5         RG             0.1-0
multtest      YG             0.6
NBIR          VC             0.1-1
RanForests    VC             0.2
ROC           VC             0.5-4
tkWidgets     JZ             0.5
marrayClasses SD             0.1
marrayNorm    SD             0.1
marrayPlots   SD             0.1

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Harvard Medical School
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