[BioC] widget.marrayRaw

Niklas Nordquist niklas.nordquist@genpat.uu.se
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 14:20:11 +0200

I have a couple of questions concerning the marrayRaw widget. 
First, when I create an marrayLayout object and specify a "*.gal" file
containing info on spots and clones, and just type ">objectname", I get
some summary information on the object. In this summary it is stated
that I have a number of control spots, including 3xSSC, the Arab gene,
and duplicates of each spot. Where does this information come from?

Second, Is this information about control spots used in the
normalization process? (I have used the maLormLoess() function).

I'd be happy if someone could explain this to me.


Niklas Nordquist