[BioC] hg_u95av2.cdf

Bart Spiessens bart.spiessens@pharmadm.com
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 10:03:50 +0200

I have an experiment with 5 hg_u95av2 arrays and corresponding *.CEL 
files, which I would like to analyse with Bioconductor. Unfortunately, I 
do not have the *.CDF file.

1) Does anyone know where I can get this CDF file ?
if not:
2) I did find the file 'hg_u95av2.cdf.forR.dat' which was pre-processed 
for use with an older version of bioconductor. Can I still use this file 
in the new version ?
if not:
3) Could we reproduce the original CDF file from this forR.dat file, or 
is there information used from the CDF file that is not in the forR.dat 
file ?

Thanks for any suggestions !