[BioC] annotate Data Sources

Jeff Gentry jgentry@jimmy.harvard.edu
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 21:59:03 -0400 (EDT)

> There appears to be a broken link in the "Sources Of Data" section of 
> the Bioconductor web page. The "Unigene Annotation For Affy Chips" 
> link doesn't work. The most obvious error is the lack of ".edu" at 
> the end of the domain name. However, inserting that doesn't restore 
> the link either.

Try it again - it seems to be working for me (and a google search on
'UniGene' turned up the same URL).  Perhaps their site was down at the

> Also, how is it decided which chips annotation data is provided. I'm 
> working with the Affymetrix rat genome U34A chip. Annotation for that 
> chip would be very useful for my work.

In case they miss it (one just left town and one is just coming back), you
should talk to Jianhua Zhang (jzhang@jimmy.harvard.edu) or Robert
(rgentlem@jimmy.harvard.edu) about this.