[BioC] Q: 5 perc. change/year in Affy annotation?

Alexander Ploner Alexander.Ploner at mep.ki.se
Thu Apr 3 19:41:46 MEST 2003

Dear all,

on a slightly off-topic note: We have been using our own set of R routines
for microarray analysis for a year or so. Inspired by the tutorials at the
DSC in Vienna last month, I have decided that we should use
library(annotate) forthwith. For the HGU133A-chip, we have been using a gene
info file downloaded from the DChip site with date 12th of March, 2002 up to
now. When comparing the LocusLink IDs there with those provided by
hgu133aLOCUSID (Version 1.1.1., 19th of Februray 2003), I found about 4%
(~900) more annotations in the BioConductor package (good!), but also about
1% (> 200) explicit mismatches. Even given that this is an extremely dynamic
area etc., I'm somewhat worried whether this is actually possible. Does this
much change in less than a year sound realistic to list members, or should I
start bug hunting?

Thank you!


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