[BioC] Re: Install devel-packs (was: Re: Question concerning R and CDF)

Eric Libby elibby at cnd.mcgill.ca
Mon Apr 7 23:05:17 MEST 2003

I am having trouble using R on Mac OSX and especially making sure that my
CDF works. I have Affy 1.1.1 and R 1.6.2. I know my celfiles are good
since I can run R on other computers using them, but when I try on my MAC
I keep getting a message when I type ReadAffy() that says:
> list.celfiles()
 [1] "YF021210MGA01.CEL" "YF021210MGA02.CEL" "YF021210MGA03.CEL"
 [4] "YF021210MGA04.CEL" "YF021210MGA05.CEL" "YF021210MGA06.CEL"
 [7] "YF021210MGA07.CEL" "YF021210MGA08.CEL" "YF021210MGA09.CEL"
[10] "YF021210MGA10.CEL" "YF021210MGA11.CEL"
> d<-ReadAffy()
Error in getInfoInAffyFile(filename, "CEL", "HEADER", "DatHeader",
compress = compress) :
	Cannot open the file Mac OS X

Any ideas?


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