[BioC] too many cel files for RMA

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Thu Apr 24 10:32:27 MEST 2003

First off, it is difficult to help if you don't give any more information such as your OS, R version, affy version, etc.

Because there was an HTML version to this email, I will assume you are on windoze.

You can allocate more memory for R by appending --max-mem-size=<however much RAM you have> to the command line for starting R, or by using memory.limit(size=<RAM in bytes>) from within R. However, R is supposed to be much better about grabbing whatever RAM it needs in versions > 1.5 or so, so this may not really help.

If this doesn't work, try justRMA in the development version of affy. All it does is RMA, but it takes much less memory.


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>>> Jörg Mages <mages at lrz.tu-muenchen.de> 04/24/03 05:08AM >>>
Dear All,

I do have a problem while reading in more than 20 cel files using ReadAffy(). The error message is : can t allocate vector. Can anybody help?

Thank s in advance

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