[bioC] GenePlotter for mgu74v2

Robert Gentleman rgentlem at jimmy.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 30 08:40:17 MEST 2003

Hi Jeff,
  Did you make any progress? There were some minor glitches in the
  devel version of geneplotter (that have now been repaired) so that
  the  byChroms HowTo should once again be available. This document
  details the steps needed to construct the basic object you need to 
  use the geneplotter package.


  should give you an menu, from that you can select the byChrom
  vignette (on windows this should appear in the menu bar but that is
  slightly broken -- look for a new R release in the next few days),

  You can also extract the code from the vignette by using tangleToR
  (also in the DynDoc package), and of course there is always
  vExplorer for a more interactive tool for looking at the code,
  (it is in the package tkWidgets),

  please let me know if you need more details


On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 05:24:26PM -0700, Jeffrey Rasmussen wrote:
> Hi.
> Has anyone used the GenePlotter package on the mgu74Av2 affymetrix array?
> I have been unable to figure out how to extract the chromosomal
> location for the probesets from the data package for the u74 chip. Is this
> information built into that data package? If not, could someone please
> point me to how one might go about compiling the required data?
> Thanks!
> Jeff.
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