[BioC] Memory problem with RMA

Phguardiol at aol.com Phguardiol at aol.com
Sat Aug 9 07:46:33 MEST 2003

I d like to compare results obtained with different approaches with a set of 
9 HU133A chips. One of these would be to use the rma background correction 
method and the invariant set normalization method but it seems that with ONLY 9 
chips I am running out of memory !!! I have 1 Go RAM on XP Pro R1.7.1 and RMA 
1.3.6... and nothing is running aside this program. I was expecting it to run 
under these conditions !!! Philippe
>  library(affy)
> data<- ReadAffy()
> data2<-expresso(data, bgcorrect.method="rma", 
normalize.method="invariantset", pmcorrect.method="pmonly", summary.method="medianpolish")
background correction: rma 
normalization: invariantset 
PM/MM correction : pmonly 
expression values: medianpolish 
background correcting...Error: cannot allocate vector of size 35644 Kb

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