[BioC] p-value adjustment when two or more genes are compared at same time

Jason Liao jg_liao at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 10:01:13 MEST 2003

Hello, everyone! I have used bioconductor for analyzing some microarray
data. Thanks to you all for the excellent work.

I have a p-value adjustment question. The standard approach seems to
compare the gene expression levels between cancer and normal tissues
one gene at a time. The p-values can then be adjusted for multiple
comparisons using the package multtest by Yongchao Ge and Sandrine
Dudoit. What I am doing is to fit a logistic regression, with the
cancer or normal as the binary outcome and several selected genes as
the predictors. My question is how to adjust the p-value from the
logitsic regression? Any help will be highly appreciated.


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