[BioC] limma documentation

Gordon Smyth smyth at wehi.edu.au
Fri Aug 22 17:59:15 MEST 2003

At 02:27 AM 22/08/2003, Wenqiong Chen wrote:
>Hi, all:
>I think I am probably going to ask the question which someone already asked
>before and I did not pay enough attention to. My question is if there is a
>textual description of limma, just like affy or other package?
>Your help is greatly appreciated!

Well, limma certainly has a vignette but you will have to install the 
package to read it. The limma vignette is not available from the 
"Vignettes" link from www.bioconductor.org because that link caters only 
for vignettes which are written in a particular markup language called sweave.

If you install limma, you can type help.start() then follow the links: 
Packages > limma > Associated Documentation > userguide.html

If you install Biobase as well as limma, you can type library(Biobase), 
library(limma), then openVignette("limma")


PS. I am old enough, pedantic enough and english enough never to call 
anything a "textual description". Strictly speaking a "textual description" 
would be a description of a piece of text. In Bioconductor it seems to mean 
a description written in text, which is a wonderful tautology. :)

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