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Technical details of how background is calculated can be found on Rafael Irizarry's website


Background is not stored in the affybatch object. It is simply calculated (using PM data) and subtracted from the PM data when you run rma (or expresso, if you accept the default bg.correct-TRUE). Note this is not true if you use bg.correct.method="MAS".

The new background correction method (gcrma) does use MM probes. Info can also be found on the website.


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>>> Marcus <marcusb at biotech.kth.se> 08/28/03 06:58AM >>>
Hello all!

First of all I would like to thank everybody for a great mailing list, it 
has halped me a lot.

Question: How is the background calculated and how is it stored in my 
affybatch object?
Is it derived from the mm values or does it originate from other data?

Best regards


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