[BioC] error while running RMA

Lang Chen LChen at ms.soph.uab.edu
Fri Aug 29 08:49:41 MEST 2003


I am running RMA on eight ME 430 chips in the cluster(Linux). I got the
following message.

Error in if (a[k]>b[k] return (1) else if (a[k]<b[k] return (-1) :
		missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
In addition: Warning message:
NAs introduced by coercion
Execution halted

What does it mean? What should I do?

But it works on my PC (Windows 2000 PIII 128M RAM).

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Lang Chen

Research Assistant
Department of Biostatistics 
Section on Statistical Genetics
Ryals Public Health Building, Suite 343A
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1530 3rd Ave S
Birmingham, Alabama 35294
Tel 205-9757772

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