[BioC] From Limma to SAM

Gordon K Smyth smyth at wehi.EDU.AU
Wed Dec 3 01:05:59 MET 2003

> Gordon wrote:
>>This isn't an error in limma of course, rather you have tried to use a
>>function (write.table) on an inappropriate object. Do you want to
>> output
>>the normalized log-ratios? If so, you might try
>>write.table(MA$M, file="your_file.txt",sep="\t")
> I've tried write.table(MA$M, file="your_file.txt",sep="\t") and it's OK,
> but i'd like to output my normalized-between-array (unlogged or Log2)
> data to SAM. Is it possible?

I suggest you ask the SAM people


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