John Zhang jzhang at jimmy.harvard.edu
Fri Dec 5 20:00:14 MET 2003

> I remember using the ENZYME2AFFY Package before 6 to 8 months now i 
>have downloaded the new version of R and i dont see that package at 
>all what happened to that package. I need that package to find the EC 
>numbers of the Probset id of Human, rat and mice Affy chips 
>Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

ENZYME2AFFY (now ENZYME2PROBE) is not a package but rather an environment in an 
annotation package for a given chip. To get the probe ids of hgu95av2 
corresponding to "" and "", for example, I would do 

> library(annotate) ## release version 
> library(hgu95av2)
> lookUp(c("", ""), "hgu95av2", "ENZYME2PROBE")
[1] "38528_at"   "31531_g_at" "31530_at"   "38529_at"  

[1] "1348_s_at" "37593_at"  "36561_at" 

>Thanks a lot, 
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>University of NewMexico,
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