[BioC] Recent changes to Bioconductor packages

madman at jimmy.harvard.edu madman at jimmy.harvard.edu
Sat Dec 6 11:00:02 MET 2003

This is an automated message sent out weekly to report recent changes
to Bioconductor packages.  Please see the URL 
http://www.bioconductor.org/changelog.html for a complete history of 
changes.  Unless otherwise noted, these changes apply to the developmental
packages only.
6 Dec 2003: limma 1.3.6
     - fix to readSpotTypes() to read column names as.is
	 - new ... argument for readSpotTypes()
	 - rbind method for RGList objects
	 - bug fix for designMatrix().  GKS

1 Dec 2003: limma 1.3.5
     - designMatrix() now has new arguments and now handles direct designs
	 - new function write.fit() for outputing results of linear model fit. GKS

2 Dec 2003: genefilter
   - changed the criteria for success in kOverA and pOverA as per a bug

3 Dec 2003: biclust
   - began importing code for the biclust package. I am starting with 
   Cheng-Church and moving on to other ANOVA-based methods. Currently
   there is refactoring and fixing FLOC bugs. BCE

5 Dec 2003: webbioc
   Fixed problem with using lower rejection region for t-tests. CS

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