[BioC] Bioconductor Problem

Ken Simpson ksimpson at wehi.edu.au
Tue Dec 9 00:55:13 MET 2003

> Error in getCdfInfo(object) : Could not obtain CDF environment, problems 
> encountered:
> Specified environment specified did not contain RAE230A
> Library - package rae230acdf not installed
> Data for package affy did not contain RAE230A
> Bioconductor - rae230acdf not available
> I downloaded manually the RAEacdf, RAE annotation and RAE probe package but 
> the same problem persists (exactly the above message appears again). Do you 
> know what should I do?

Hi Makis,

You need to install the RAE230Acdf package (the probe and annotation 
packages are not necessary, but they are useful, so may as well install 
those too) before affy will recognise your CEL files.



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