[BioC] Agilent data Normalization

Joel Parker jparker at constellagroup.com
Thu Dec 11 22:57:25 MET 2003


I'm using the marray functions to import data from an Agilent scanner.  I
have no problems until I go to normalize the data (maNormMain).  I get the

> pilot.norm<-maNormMain(pilot.raw)
Error: dim<- length of dims do not match the length of object

I believe this is happening because the dimensions of the Agilent array as I
entered it are:

1 Block/Sector
105 Columns
215 Rows

And if I remake the layout with 2 or more Blocks/Sectors everything works
fine.  I'm guessing that it causes an error with 1 Block b/c it tries to do
within-print-tip normalization and this corresponds to a single tip(?).  

In any case, I've found a work around, but does anyone know the specific
reason for this error?  If it is related to the within-print-tip
normalization, then can I override this and just use global loess

Thanks in advance,

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