[BioC] High-performance Bioconductor experiments

Michael Benjamin msb1129 at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 12 04:13:00 MET 2003

This is the most exciting, and cryptic, part of the message...
> which you can then normalize and scale.  The normalizing and scaling
> can, of course also be split up across processors.   


I was able to use snow to split up the CEL file readings--it's actually
not that hard.

Data<-clusterApply(cl, filenames,Readaffy)

I find that pvm is not as easy to use as openMosix, because it doesn't
autodiscover (or does it?!).  My idea is to make a multinode cluster on
the base computer using RPVM, then have openMosix farm out the processes
instead of relying on pvm to do that.

In other words, run RPVM on a single pvm node, multi-openMosix node.
I'll try that experiment tomorrow.

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