[BioC] gcrma vs. rma

Stan Smiley swsmiley at genetics.utah.edu
Fri Dec 12 18:22:20 MET 2003

Sorry if this should have been sent directly to Zhijin Wu, but here goes...

Is there another resource for learning what the gcrma package is all about?
Like the theory/rationale behind it and why/how it is better than rma?

I must be doing something wrong, but my rma expression levels are the same
as what I got from gcrma.

Granted I just ran:

data <- ReadAffy()
eset.rma <- rma(data)
eset.gcrma <- gcrma(data)

But the expression levels generated were identical. I didn't believe it, so
I'm re-running the analysis just to make sure. It's running now, but since
gcrma takes so much longer to run, I thought I'd throw this question out

I've read the "Textual description of gcrma" pdf file, but it's so cursory
I'm still left wondering if I just didn't miss the more detailed explanation
of the package.

Stan Smiley
stan.smiley at genetics.utah.edu

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