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James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Fri Dec 12 19:56:07 MET 2003

For reading in data, normalizing and computing e.g., t-tests or F-tests
you can use either:

marray* packages or limma

For doing multiple comparisons corrections you can use either

multtest or siggenes or limma

You can also use combinations of the above, but for starters it might
be easier to stick with one paradigm until you get up to speed. Best
idea is to have a look at the vignettes for these packages and see which
one looks good for you.



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>>> "marchiem at libero.it" <marchiem at libero.it> 12/12/03 01:41PM >>>
Hello everybody,
I have just sterted to have a look at BioC...can anyone tell me wich
packages are essential for cDNA microarray data analysis? and wich ones
I may ignore...
sorry if the question is so obvious...
thanks to all in advance.


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