[BioC] imagene output

marchiem at libero.it marchiem at libero.it
Wed Dec 17 13:57:57 MET 2003

Hi everybody,
I have tried to read in output files from Imagene to limma:

> files<-dir(pattern=".txt",path="E:/Lividans 1326 wt 16h vs DNA B2/Lividans 1326 wt 16h vs DNA B2 data")
> files
[1] "SC8.3-19_Cy3_g52.txt" "SC8.3-19_Cy5_g37.txt"


But I receive the following message:

Error in read.imagene(files = files, path = path, ext = ext, names = names,  : 
        Need a two column matrix of file names

Should I modify the .txt output files?and how?
Thanks to all!

Emanuele M

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