[BioC] errors compiling Rgraphviz

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 22 18:42:59 MET 2003

> After installing and building graphviz-1.10.20031218.0515 on my Red
> Hat 8 Linux box, and then calling

Well, there seems to be something in general wrong with that particular
snapshot of graphviz-current (in fact, I was just working with
graphviz-1.10.20031222.0515 and did not encounter those errors).  However,
there was a change to some of the underlying structures in the data types
between the 1.10 release version of graphviz and the graphviz-current
branch - at least one of which is incompatable with the current versions
of Rgraphviz (1.3 and devel).  I would recommend installing Graphviz
version 1.10 (the official release version) and trying gaain.


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