[BioC] accessing slots in expresso

Tibor van Rooij Tibor van Rooij" <tibor@cs.mcgill.ca
Tue, 4 Feb 2003 15:22:56 -0500

Hi! I would very much like to use the MBEI method, however all my data is stored in a database. I can easily access data such as probename x,y positions, pm value mm value etcetera. In the previous version of "affy" I could access slotnames of the objects such as names to put my names into and pm to put my pm values in and get the sytem to calculate the normalization ( so I did not need the original .CEL files)

I have been looking at the descriptions of the new classes and reading the manual but I cannot find out how to this in this new version.

Has anybody else attempted this?

Please let me know.

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