[BioC] background correction

Dennis Kostka dennis.kostka@molgen.mpg.de
Wed, 5 Feb 2003 11:49:47 +0100

i've been trying to get an idea about the implementation of the mas 5 
backgound adjustment in the affy package. where it says in the sadd

a(x,y) = max( i(x,y)-b(x,y) , nf*n(x,y) ) where 
i(x,y) = max(i(x,y),0.5)

i've just been able to find the first line implemented. where did i miss the 
second line? or is it not implemented becaus .5 is so small that it should 
rarely take effect? (if that's the case, which is my guess, why is it in the 

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