[BioC] mailman bugs

Gordon Smyth smyth@wehi.edu.au
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 20:29:18 +1100

Installing IE6.0 for Windows solves most of the problem. IE still complains 
that the certificate is not trusted, but it does this only once on entry to 
the site instead of continuously, and the bug message no longer appears.


At 03:06 AM 12/02/2003, Jeff Gentry wrote:
> > part of what you have said -- each time I go for the web interface
> > from a new IE session, the certificate is challenged.  Perhaps
> > Martin needs to get a different certificate.  But I did not have
>I remember a while back seeing something aboutthis on the R-help list.  I
>forget the reason but basically we just have to deal with the fact that
>you have to get a new cert every time.