[BioC] x,y-probe locations and the AffyBatch

Wolfgang Huber huber@jimmy.harvard.edu
Fri, 28 Feb 2003 15:39:26 -0500


what is the relationship between the (x,y) coordinates of the cels on
the chip, and the integer index j for the row in AffyBatch@exprs?

The vignettes say:
(Textual description of makecdfenv): j = x*nrow + y + 1 
(Textual description of affy, p.26): j = x*nrow y + 1    (sic!)

What coordinate system do the names "x" and "y" refer to? 

When looking at comparisons of chips of different types with common
probes (e.g. MGU74A, MGU74Av2), and using Probe.X and Probe.Y as given
in the CHIPNAME_probe_tab files from the netaffx website, it appears
that the right mapping should be

  j   = Probe.Y * nrow + Probe.X + 1    (for the perfect match)
  jmm = Probe.Y * nrow + Probe.X + 2    (for the mismatch)

Is this correct?

Best regards