[BioC] Recent changes to Bioconductor packages

madman@jimmy.harvard.edu madman@jimmy.harvard.edu
Sat, 1 Mar 2003 05:00:03 -0500 (EST)

This is an automated message sent out weekly to report recent changes
to Bioconductor packages.  Please see the URL 
http://www.bioconductor.org/changelog.html for a complete history.
Feb 28, 2003: exprDB - dropped the exprs/se/calls database format to a
    	      vector of reals (i.e. a multichannel entry for each gene/array)
	      with exprSets employing 2 channels. This should allow for better
	      representation of affy and cDNA feature data, where the bigger
	      memory problem lies. - BE

Feb 28, 2003: affy - mas background now uses average of lowest 2% as background 
              value rather than the 2% quantile  - BMB

Feb 27, 2003: added greenred.color as per user request

Feb 26, 2003: tkWidgets - argsWidget allows the creation of a tk widgets for 
              user to input arguments for a given R function. For example,
              argsWidget(formals("list.files")) creats a tk widget for inputing 
              argements for function list.files. - JZ.

Feb 26, 2003:  Rgraphviz - Now allows for directed graphs

Feb 24, 2003:  graph/Rgraphviz - moved some of the plotting functionality 
               back to Rgraphviz.  JG