[BioC] three more questions

Zhao, Po PZhao at cnmcresearch.org
Wed Mar 5 16:42:49 MET 2003

Thanks a lot for answering my previous questions. It helps a lot.

I have three more questions.

Quesion 1: Is there any way to run Bioconductor functions in command line,
e.g. under DOS enviroment, without open Bioconductor application and without
showing the prompt (>) of R.

Question 2: In the output text file (e.g. after rma analysis), is there any
way to add additional text information in that file? e.g. can
'write.exprs(eset, file="mydata.txt")' write more information into

Question 3: If you open the output of rma analysis text file with excel, the
column title (Affymetrix cel file name) and the column content are not lined
up correctly. The title should be moved one column to the right. Is there
any way to to change this?

Thanks a lot.


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