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> > Question 3: If you open the output of rma analysis text 
> file with excel, the
> > column title (Affymetrix cel file name) and the column 
> content are not lined
> > up correctly. The title should be moved one column to the 
> right. Is there
> > any way to to change this?
> This is what I think is a bug in the write.table() function 
> of R. It could 
> be circumvented my modifying the code in the affy package 
> that uses it 
> (Ben? Rafael?)

This isn't a 'bug' per se.  From the write.table documentation:

     Normally there is no column name for a column of row names.  If
     `col.names=NA' a blank column name is added.  This can be used to
     write CSV files for input to spreadsheets.

This option should probably be added to the appropriate call to write.table.


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