[BioC] the result of bioconductor not agree with MAS

Ben Bolstad bolstad at stat.berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 10 10:22:15 MET 2003

> If I read the code in pmcorrect.mas() correctly (affy version 1.1), 
> the mismatch is not subtracted from the perfect match, so the line
> pm.corrected <- apply(cbind(pps.pm, pps.im, delta), 1, max)
> should IMHO rather read
> pm.corrected <- apply(cbind(pps.pm-pps.mm, pps.im-pps.mm, delta), 1,
> max) ?
> I might very well be missing something, so if somebody could give
> me a clue I'd be grateful.

This issue was corrected a long time ago, I believe the release version
1.1.1 of affy had the fix.


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