[BioC] Cannot load widgetTools package

Gunter, Bert bert_gunter at merck.com
Fri Mar 21 09:35:29 MET 2003

Platform: Winnt , R1.6.2, BioBase 1.1.2, ReposTools 1.1.15, tkWidgets 1.0.2,
tcktk 8.3.4

Note: Please reply directly, as I was unable to subscribe to the newslist.
This was because the BioConductor email web page interface did not accept my
email address as valid for some unknown reason when I tried to subscribe.
(presumably a bug there). No matter -- I only wanted to post this message,

My problem: I downloaded and installed the the tkWidgets package both via
the getBioC and downloaded zip file processes, but ran into the same problem
both ways, to whit: 


Error in firstlib(which.lib.loc, package) : 
        couldn't find function "addVig2Menu"
Error in library(widgetTools) : .First.lib failed

Et tu, Brute ?

Bert Gunter
Biometrics Research RY 84-16
Merck & Company
P.O. Box 2000
Rahway, NJ 07065-0900
Phone: (732) 594-7765
mailto: bert_gunter at merck.com

"The business of the statistician is to catalyze the scientific learning
process."      -- George E.P. Box


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