[BioC] One run and dead

DMITRY GRIGORYEV dgrigor1 at jhmi.edu
Mon Mar 24 16:42:59 MET 2003

I am running Bioconductor on WindowsXP and can do just one job at a time.  When I've submitted another job my machine got memory problem (I have 1G of RAM though).  I am exiting Bioconductor and open it again.  Memory problem is fixed by this (is there hanging pointers somewhere?) but affy library is screwed.
This what I have:

Error in mlistMetaName(f) : No way to associate a generic function with an object of class "NULL"
Error in library(affy) : .First.lib failed

The only way I can fix it is to reinstall whole package again.

Is there Uninstall function for Bioconductor, which will not uninstall R?
How to fix described problem?

How much memory should I have to run 33 U133 chips at once?

Thank you

Dmitry N. Grigoryev, M.D., Ph.D.
Data Analyst
Gene Expression Profiling Core
Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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