[BioC] GCRMA error

Zhijin Wu zwu at jhsph.edu
Wed Nov 5 05:54:33 MET 2003

complementSeq is an internal function of the package "matchprobes" and it 
is in any probepackage. When you call gcrma it should check if you have
the appropriate probe package loaded, in your case it should give an error
msg indicating "moe403aprobe" is not loaded (if yes the complementSeq
function would be available). But if you call bg.adjust.gcrma directly it
doesn't check for that.

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Stuart M. Chambers wrote:

> I am using Raqua and BioC 1.3 and I have gotten an error while trying to 
> perform 
> GCRMA on several MOE430A chips:
> Error in getGroupInfo(object) : couldn't find function "complementSeq"
> I gathered that it's an internal function for bg.adjust.gcrma.
> Ideas?
> -Stuart-
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