[BioC] PSB Extended WorkShop on Alternative Splicing

Wang, Hui Hui_Wang at affymetrix.com
Sat Nov 8 00:50:32 MET 2003


Please excuse this email if you have received it more than once.
I am writing to invite your participation in a new conference workshop on
Alternative Splicing that is being added to the upcoming Pacific Symposium
on Biocomputing, Jan. 6 - 10, 2004 at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel, Hawaii.  In
addition to the originally planned Alternative Splicing session on the
morning of Jan. 7th, we are adding a full-day session with talks covering
four major topics in alternative splicing (listed below), on Jan. 6th.  Thus
we will have two consecutive days of presentations and discussion about
alternative splicing, at the beginning of the conference, and participants
will have the rest of the conference to continue their discussions

Our purpose is two-fold: to cover the latest results and questions in this
exciting field in greater detail than was possible during the PSB main
session, and to provide a workshop forum for productive discussion between
researchers from the biological, computational and statistical fields.
Indeed, one major hope for the extended session is that we will be able to
create a critical mass of interest for organizing a conference on
alternative splicing that would bring together all three of these groups on
a regular basis.

Talks during the extended workshop will be grouped in four major areas,
covering material including (but not limited to):
Technologies: Splice variant-related measurement technologies, such as
existing microarray platforms; laboratory protocols/assays; validation
techniques or novel instrumentation platforms.

Biology: Biological mechanisms of splicing; biological functions such as the
impact of splice variants on biological pathways; phenomena such as
nonsense-mediated decay and disease associations

Bioinformatics: Algorithms and analysis for splicing variant discovery;
comparative genomics; computational methods for identifying cis-acting
elements, trans-acting elements, alternative promoters etc.

Databases & Community Resources: Data storage, access, mining, open source
databases, standardization, consortium, database for validation and
knowledge-based annotation and curation etc.

We would like to invite you and your colleagues to submit abstracts to
present a talk or poster in the extended workshop
<http://www.bioinformatics.ucla.edu/~info/PSB> ).  The deadline for the
submissions is Nov 18th and we will notify you of acceptance by Nov 25st.
Space is limited, so we encourage you to submit your abstract as soon as
possible. Please feel free to forward this inforamtion to anybody who might
be intereseted.

Note: the registration for the workshop is free. However, you should
register for the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing ($625 - $775); this is
necessary to receive the lower conference room rate from the hotel.  The PSB
organizers have been very helpful and generous in enabling us to add this
workshop to the PSB, and we think there will be much benefit from bringing
biologists and bioinformaticists together to discuss the exciting
developments in alternative splicing.  For full information and registration
for the PSB, go to http://psb.stanford.edu <http://psb.stanford.edu/> .

Yours Sincerely,

The Organizers of the PSB Extended Workshop on Alternative Splicing
Hui Wang
Chris Lee
Ueng-cheng Yang
John Blume

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