[BioC] Problems reading in Imagene files

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Mon Nov 10 18:39:20 MET 2003

read.imagene in BioC 1.3 should work.



James W. MacDonald
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>>> "Edo Plantinga" <A.E.D.Plantinga at med.rug.nl> 11/10/03 12:03PM >>>
Dear all,

I am new to the bioconductor software, and I've been searching for a
way to read in Imagene files into R. I have found *some* sites that
suggest it should be possible, but neither Limma (read.maimages) nor
marray seems to recognize this fileformat (I've consulted the help
files, naturally). As far as I know I am working with the latest
versions. Can anybody help me out?

Kind regards,

Edo Plantinga
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