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Wed Nov 19 17:26:58 MET 2003

Hi --

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Warnes, Gregory R wrote:
> 2) None of the vignettes that I've looked at show a complete analysis
> session from start to finish.

The presentation and documentation of many things can certainly be
improved.  All of us are doing this with a focus on science, not
necessarily on fool-prof user interfaces and documentation; that's what
commercial software is for.

The package vignettes are mostly just that - documentations of the
capabilities of a certain package. If you look for concept packages -
please check out the course material! (Click on "Short Courses" on the
bioC main page). For example (that's what I know best), the "Courses in
Practical DNA Microarray Analysis", the "Details" sections of the 2003
courses, but the other courses are just as well.

And note: contributions as well as constructive feedback are always
welcome, they are a big motivator for every package and vignette author.

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