[BioC] Cannot open compressed file

Simon, Richard (NIH/NCI) RSimon at nih.gov
Wed Nov 19 21:11:46 MET 2003

I'm running R 1.8 on a Windows XP professional box.
I tried to import a few  U133 .cel files and run rma after downloading all
of the bioconductor packages.

repdata <- ReadAffy()
eset <- rma(repdata)

I first got a message that it autodownloaded  hgu133atagcdf and that
installation was complete.

Then I got an error in open.connection (con,"rb") unable to open connection

Then I got a 

warning cannot open compressed file


error in library("hgu133atagcdf",lib.loc="C:PROGRA~1/R/rw1080/library")
.First.lib failed 

This is my first attempt to use bioconductor. I didn't get very far. Can
anyone suggest what is wrong?


Rich Simon

Richard Simon, D.Sc.
Chief, Biometric Research Branch
Head, Computational & Systems Biology Group
Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnostics
National Cancer Institute

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