[BioC] how to display graphics on the web?

michael watson (IAH-C) michael.watson at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Nov 24 10:19:20 MET 2003

I use a combination of Perl, Apache, R and Xvfb.

Apache is the web server.
I write cgi scripts in Perl.
The Perl code opens pipes to R as usual: open (R, "| R");
I use the R command jpeg() to produce graphs as jpeg files.
As I am using Xvfb, a virtual X server, then R uses this to generate the images instead of using the real X server, so there are no security risks (that I can think of).
Hey presto, everything works.

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Hello, all,

Does anybody has ideas to call R from web page to do
analysis and dynamically display generated graphics
in the web page?
There are couple packagas like Rweb and Rcgi. but
seems the quality is not good enough and programming
is too restrictive. 

I know insightful.com has a Statserver that can
generate good graphics. (refer:

but it is not open source.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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