[BioC] Unknown cdf error while processing affy files

Stephen Henderson s.henderson at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Nov 26 21:53:57 MET 2003

Yes...and what cdf, or chip type is that??

..and mail the error message too.

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From: Tapan Mehta
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Subject: [BioC] Unknown cdf error while processing affy files


I am trying to run the mas5 and rma methods of affy
package on some data of affymetrix. It is supposed to
be scanned from a new scanner. However I am getting
this error where it complains about unknown cdf or cdf
not existing in the repository . I am running on an
older version of R ( R1.7) and bioconductor version of
1.2. Please could anybody guide me in getting around
this problem.


Tapan Mehta

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