[BioC] Seeking collaboration for an opensource data analysisinterface project

Park, Richard Richard.Park at joslin.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 8 13:11:57 MEST 2003

Hi Andrea, 
I have spent sometime trying to create microarray analysis interfaces between visual basic to R/S-plus/ArrayAnalyzer. What types of platforms were you thinking of using to implement this idea? I have found that creating interfaces in s-plus is sort of cumbersome and hard to adapt for multi-step analyses of microarray experiments. 

ArrayAnalyzer makes use of java applets through an automation server to power its interfaces, but it still is in its basic forms of guiding a "simple" user to differential gene expression. I have seen a big need for interfaces into R. One option of creating an interface into R could be using the same tools they used for some of the packages in bioconductor such as affy, or making use of an automation server of such as Dcom created by Thomas Baier which is similar to automation server found in S-plus. It allows for communication between visual basic (ms packages: i.e. excel, access) as well as perl. 

Please let me know what your ideas are, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to help users easily access the power in R w/o having to spend the time to learn the semantics of the language. I have a basic interface created in visual basic that is currently keeping track of 350+ microarray experiments and a simple "point and click" interface to guide the user to create any data group from any of the 350 arrays into a basic analysis format (making use of tools and algorithms w/in bioconductor). 

Richard Park 
Computational Data Analyzer - Immunology and Immunogenetics 
Joslin Diabetes Center/ Harvard Medical School

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We are looking for people interested in  an opensource data analysis 
software that we would like to propose as a NEXT-Adventure project (we 
are from Univ. Milano Bicocca, Italy. Dep. of Computer Science and Dep. 
of Biotechnology and Bioengineering).
Obviously it would not make sense to replicate Bioconductor and R 
efforts (that we think are excellent), our intention is to develop 
mainly interfaces more intended to the end user, trying to make tools 
present in Bioconductor more easily accessible.
So for this proposal we would like to have as a partner someone from 
the Bioconductor community (should be from Europe).

If anyone is interested in knowing more about this, please send me an 

Andrea Splendiani

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