[BioC] R and ARB

Kurt Sys Kurt.Sys at UGent.be
Wed Sep 10 18:24:20 MEST 2003

Hi all,

I'm using R and ARB both for a while right now. I'm programming some functions 
to do phylogenetic microarray analysis. As far as I know, there are no packages 
for (microarray) probe design in BioConductor nor for phylogenetic microarray 
I just wondered if anyone feels like helping me making ARB more accessible from 
R, e.g. for the reading the phylogeny (without exporting data), or even better, 
using the PT_SERVER from R. This would make it possible to use ARB from an R 
interface, and even better, from a web interface, doing all analysis. This would 
be of great help for our lab, for internal use, but I'm sure many other would 
benefit from this possibility to do almost 'everything' (from microarray probe 
design up to microarray analysis) using R. 
It would be a great step to have one large system for a complete (phylogenetic) 
microarray design and analysis. So, are there people out here who are willingly 
to help me out with this? 


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