[BioC] Affy-devel

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 10 17:23:17 MEST 2003

> The devel version of affy requires R >= 1.8, but it won't load on
> R-1.8devel. .First.lib errors out because it is looking for
> ~affy/R/all.rda, which doesn't exist.

That appears to be an issue w/ the install.R stuff that just went in.

> In addition, the affy sources won't compile on either my WinXP or Linux
> boxes. So, are the devel versions too 'developmental' to work just yet,
> or is it possibly a problem on my end?

Admittedly my R-devel is a few days out of date (2003-09-08) but this just
installed fine on my linux machine.  Is anyone else having problems?


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