[BioC] R and ARB

Nicholas Lewin-Koh nikko at hailmail.net
Thu Sep 11 17:05:00 MEST 2003

I have a package in development for fitting additive tree models to data.
Basically the core of the package is and R interface to TRex, Vladimir
Makarenkov has givien me permission to release this on CRAN or
Bioconductor under gpl. Besides the TRex functions for least squares
fitting of trees and reticulograms, I am adding functions for plotting,
rooting trees, a tree class that extends the graph class and some more
general stuff for additive trees were one has replicate distance matrices
as often occurs in psychology. I would like to add tools for maximum
likelihood estimation, but I am not sure of the phyllip license and I
don't want to appropriate code if it is not kosher. I am still working on
some of the tree display algorithms which is going slow since I hold a
job in the day that is not opensource friendly. 
If anyone is interested in codeveloping I am happy to share the load :)


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