[BioC] Combining HGU133A & HGU133B data

Adaikalavan RAMASAMY ramasamya at gis.a-star.edu.sg
Mon Sep 15 19:26:15 MEST 2003

Dear all,

I have been asked to analyze the data where samples were hybridized on
both HGU133A and HGU133B Affymetrix chips. One option is to analyze the
A and B chips seperately but this is not desirable.

The other option is to combine both (using something akin to "rbind") to
combine these data. I think it is better to combine the results after
rma as different background correction needs be applied. 

This method however does have its problems with the genes redundant
between A and B chip (there are 2000+ genes that overlap both chips).

Can anyone suggest what is the best way to deal with this problem ? Does
anyone have any experience or seen publications combining data from two
different array formats.

Thank you.

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