[BioC] Help please! Invalid "phenoData" object

ying chen yingchen at princeton.edu
Tue Sep 16 17:09:34 MEST 2003

I am new to the bioconductor and just installed the R 1.7.1 and Bioconductor
on my WinXP machine.  I followed the instruction from chris bye's A
Biologist's Guide to using Bioconductor.  Everything was fine until I
started to export the normalized data.  My test project is test.raw.  I did
load the Biobase, marrayInput, marrayNorm, marrayplot packages.  The
following is what I copied from R section:

> a <- "a"
> b <- "b"
> test.var <- cbind("a","b")
> test.phe <- new("phenoData", varLabels=test.var)
Error in validObject(.Object) : Invalid "phenoData" object: Invalid object
for slot "varLabels" in class "phenoData": got class "matrix", should be or
extend class "list"

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Ying Chen

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