[BioC] Re: Invalid "phenoData" object

Chris Bye chris_bye at wmi.usyd.edu.au
Thu Sep 18 14:48:10 MEST 2003

Dear Ying, Laurent and others who have had difficulties with exporting 
data from expression sets.
     To export data, use the following command on the normalised data ( 
with the marrayInput library open ). This should work on both versions 
of R. 

write.table( maM(name.norm) , file="Normalized Results.xls" , sep="\t" , 

    An updated and expanded version of the "Biologists Guide" will be 
completed in the coming weeks that will correct for such changes. I will 
send notice out when it is finished for those that are interested. 
Alternatively the limma package (and GUI ) is very good and is fairly 
simple to understand.
Chris Bye

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