[BioC] Problems with hgu133acdf...!

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Tue Sep 23 11:36:04 MEST 2003

How did you try to install the .zip file? I just tried (same OS, same
Rver) using 'Install from local zip file...' and it worked fine.


James W. MacDonald
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>>> "Dario Greco" <greco at biogem.it> 09/23/03 10:07AM >>>

Hi to all,
I've installed on my pc (win xp pro os) the last version of R (1.7.1)
and BioConductor 1.2.1 I'm tring to analyze a affy dataset made with
hgu133a chipset. When I enter the string "xyzRMA<-rma(xyx)" it returns
me this:

	Environment hgu133acdf is not available.
	This environment contains needed probe location information.
	We will try to download and install the hgu133acdf package.

	Note: No specified download type, defaulting to Win32 
	[1] "Attempting to download hgu133acdf from BIOCcdf/"
	Error in download.file(fileURL, destFile, mode = "wb", quiet =
TRUE, method = method) : 
        	unsupported URL scheme

I've tried also to manually download the hgu133acdf.zip and to install
it in R, but it gives me this output:

	Error in file(file, "r") : unable to open connection
	In addition: Warning messages: 
	1: error -1 in extracting from zip file 
	2: cannot open file `hgu133acdf/DESCRIPTION' 
What can I do?
Thankyou very much...

Dario Greco
Institute of Genetics and Biophysics
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