[BioC] limma and ArrayVision

alessandro ambrosi ale.ambrosi at unipd.it
Wed Sep 24 12:39:19 MEST 2003

Hi all!

I tried to use read.maimages to read ArrayVision files as Gordon suggested.
Unfortunately I get the following:

 > read.maimages("12371987B.csv", source="arrayvision", sep=",")
Error in match.arg(source, c("spot", "spot.close.open", "genepix", 
"quantarray")) :
         ARG should be one of spot, spot.close.open, genepix, quantarray

I've just updated all the packages so I think this is not the problem.
Have you any suggestion?

Thank you a lot in advance,

At 23.43 28/08/03 +1000, you wrote:
>Thanks to help from Isaac Mehl, limma now supports ArrayVision data.  The
>support is in limma 1.1.12.
>The data file attached by Isaac is read by
>   read.maimages("12371987B.csv", source="arrayvision", sep=",")
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